Spam. You’ve probably heard it described as unsolicited, disruptive, irrelevant, or just downright junk. But marketers still find a way to keep it waiting in our inboxes every day. We throw it away, we hang up on it, we block it, we report it, we do everything we can to avoid it. The bottom line is: spam sucks. Not only does it make our eyes roll, but spam reflects how much businesses care about their customers. Or rather, how much they don’t care. Sending impersonal, unsolicited mail to customers or prospects screams ‘me! me! me!’ when really, marketing should sound more like ‘What can my business do for you?’ Now, that’s a message people can fall in love with.

Love. Words often associated with love include butterflies, passionate, everlasting, and can’t-live-without-it good. What if we added ‘marketing’ to that list? Marketing isn’t something that makes people feel warm inside- but it could be. We, as marketers, have the unique opportunity to add a little bit of love to everyday life. We don’t have to buy customers heart-shaped chocolates or flowers to show them that we care, we just need to prove that we know who they are. We have the skills to create content that customers go looking for, and we have the tools to share it with them when they want it and where they want it. So, why wouldn’t we? After all, that’s what it means to do it for the love of marketing.


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Slideshare: Learn Lovable Marketing from the Experts

We have our own ideas on how to make lovable marketing, but we wanted to know how industry thought leaders do it. Take a look at these quotes from marketing experts on how they create marketing people love.

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